Durham Report Won’t Restrain Dems

Regardless of the findings of special counsel John Durham on the probe into ex-President Donald Trump’s initial campaign, the Democratic party won’t cease their pursuit of Trump, according to Jim Jordan, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. Jordan expressed this during his introductory remarks at the Capitol Hill hearing where Durham was set to testify on Wednesday.

“The Democratic Party’s stance will be, ‘We don’t care. It doesn’t make a difference. Our pursuit of ex-President Trump will remain unabated,'” stated Jordan.

Jordan highlighted the recent federal charges against Trump, related to classified documents found in his home, remarking, “this should not catch us off guard.”

“They declared their end goal,” Jordan stated. “Indeed, it was an investigator involved in the Crossfire Hurricane case who revealed their purpose. We all recall the text message from [ex-FBI agent] Peter Strzok, in which he assured, ‘Don’t worry. We’ll halt Trump.’

“Now, we see a former president, who is leading in every single poll, being indicted by his adversaries in the Justice Department.”

From the Crossfire Hurricane investigation to the recent indictment, Jordan observed that there had been the Robert Mueller probe, two impeachments, and “51 ex-intelligence officers wrongly stating that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a product of Russian disinformation.”

Jordan also brought attention to the FBI raid on Trump’s home and the “absurd case in New York” led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Jordan, emphasizing the FBI’s raid of Trump’s home rather than cooperating with his lawyers to examine the documents therein, said, “Nothing has changed in seven years. In fact, they will persist.”

“Seven years of relentless attacks on Trump are daunting enough. What’s more terrifying? Any one of us could be the next target.”

In his report, Durham unveiled the FBI’s eagerness to exploit allegations in a dossier linking Trump to Russia and to employ the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to “monitor an American citizen affiliated with the presidential campaign,” according to Jordan.

“He informed us that there was no valid basis for launching the Crossfire Hurricane investigation and perhaps most crucially, he revealed that the FBI, the world’s leading law enforcement agency, failed in its core duty of upholding the rule of law.”

Currently, no one is immune from FBI investigations. According to Jordan, parents attending school board meetings are being labeled as “terrorists,” pro-life Catholics are being branded as “extremists,” and even journalists aren’t safe.

“But guess who bears the brunt?” Jordan asked. “Whistleblowers. If you dare to reveal to Congress what’s transpiring, be prepared. They will target you. They’ll strip you of your clearance. They’ll cut your pay. They might even seize your children’s belongings. Garrett O’Boyle, who testified before this committee, can attest to that.”

Jordan confirmed that the House Republicans are dedicated to amending the FISA law and “will exhaust all avenues within the appropriations process to prevent the federal government from targeting the American people.”