Hunter Plea Deal Keeps Truth From Public

In a recent development, Hunter Biden’s settlement for not meeting federal income tax obligations and unauthorized firearm possession has raised eyebrows, and is perceived as a potential cover-up, according to Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson, in a statement to Newsmax on Tuesday.

Johnson finds the timing of these events rather intriguing, coming right on the heels of allegations from a reputable source about a $5 million to $10 million bribery plot and Devon Archer, Hunter’s business partner, preparing to testify before a House committee. Johnson conveyed his concern, saying, “Could this be an attempt by the Justice Department to obscure the facts and prevent the U.S. population from learning the truth? That’s my primary worry.”

Johnson expressed deep worry about the U.S. attorney’s statement that the investigation is still underway, describing it as a quintessential strategy of the FBI and the Justice Department to maintain an ongoing investigation as a pretext to prevent Congress from accessing records.

The senator also highlighted a statement from President Joe Biden amidst these unfolding events, expressing faith that his son had not acted unlawfully. He describes this as “another item on a long list of falsehoods President Biden has propagated to the American people.”

In Johnson’s view, it is clear to Joe Biden that his son Hunter Biden is implicated in wrongdoing. It’s likely, he says, that there are numerous incidents of misconduct. However, Johnson suspects Biden feels secure, banking on the mainstream media’s continued shielding of him and his son. He also has Merrick Garland, the Attorney General, who Johnson believes will go to great lengths to safeguard both the president and his son from any legal ramifications.

The senator added that this is another instance of what he refers to as “a multi-layered justice system”. “They zero in on political rivals such as former President Trump; while ordinary citizens must abide by the law,” Johnson continued, “but you have individuals like the Bidens and those associated with influential Democrats who more often than not, manage to avoid legal consequences.”