Call Congress to Stop Trump Political Prosecutions

The persistent alleged electoral interference of the Biden administration and its Justice Department in the upcoming 2024 elections is intolerable.

The seemingly intentional targeting of the former President Donald Trump, currently the lead Republican candidate for the 2024 election, undermines the very foundation of our justice system.

For the safeguarding of our nation’s democratic values, it’s imperative that we take action now to halt the alleged dangerous exploitation of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

I encourage citizens to reach out to Congress today — insist that their House representatives and Senators pass no bills, allocate no funds, endorse no further Biden nominations, and halt all actions — until the Biden administration ceases their apparent politicization of justice.

We should also advocate for the nomination of an independent counsel to scrutinize the substantial and undeniable evidence pointing to alleged corruption within President Joe Biden’s family.

Please dial 202-224-3121 and let your representative and Senators know they need to act promptly.

Bear in mind that your House representatives, along with Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, hold the government’s financial reins, which includes both the DOJ and FBI.

The FBI is currently pursuing $1 billion in funding for a new headquarters building. Encourage Congress to decline this request until the cessation of these perceived political inquisitions!

Immediately contact your House and Senate members and insist that the GOP bring Washington to a standstill until the alleged politically-motivated targeting of Trump concludes!

Please call 202-224-3121 now — ensure your representative and Senators understand they need to act swiftly.

Insist that the DOJ conducts a comprehensive investigation into Biden’s family and the alleged tens of millions of dollars they’ve received from foreign governments and powers!

Our nation is far too valuable to capitulate to the extreme left. Stand your ground and fight back!