Report: GOP’s Biden Impeachment Inquiry Nears End

Senior Republican leaders in the House suggest that President Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry might reach a conclusion by year’s end, potentially culminating with the testimony of Hunter Biden. Following this, the House may deliberate on presenting formal impeachment charges.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, expressed to Politico on Tuesday that completion of these depositions within the year would pave the way for a decision on any impeachment articles.

Hunter Biden, the President’s son, is currently under a subpoena from the committee and is anticipated to give his deposition in the upcoming weeks, as reported by Politico.

Committee member Rep. Ben Cline, R-Va., emphasized the urgency of advancing the inquiry, acknowledging that political discussions tend to become more contentious closer to elections. He conveyed this sentiment to Politico, underscoring the importance of taking action promptly.

Although the inquiry is nearing its conclusion, with around 15 interviews left before the year’s end, a political debate is intensifying within the Republican party. More moderate GOP House members are concerned about the public’s perception of impeaching Biden, especially with the 2024 election on the horizon.

A Republican lawmaker, speaking anonymously to Politico, noted that impeachment might politically disadvantage the party, though it could satisfy their base.

These members are looking for unequivocal evidence before proceeding with impeachment.

The report indicates that Democrats and the White House are preparing counterarguments against Republican allegations of influence peddling and bribery involving Biden and his son, as well as possible accusations of obstruction.

White House spokesperson Ian Sams refuted the allegations in a statement, claiming that the Republicans’ year-long investigation has produced no evidence of President Biden’s misconduct. He stated that witness testimonies and documents have repeatedly discredited their accusations.

Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., offered strong support for the GOP investigations, emphasizing the importance of questioning key witnesses under oath to address any gaps in the investigation. Speaking to Politico, Johnson described the Republicans as approaching a crucial juncture in this significant investigation.