The Rolling Stones Back on Tour in Their 80s

Defying the passage of time, The Rolling Stones have announced a new tour across North America, showcasing their enduring energy despite entering their 80s. This tour is in support of their latest studio release, “Hackney Diamonds”, their first in 18 years, which debuted last month. The iconic British rock group will grace 16 cities, beginning in Houston on April 28 and concluding in Santa Clara on July 17.

“Hackney Diamonds” has been enriched with appearances from renowned artists like Elton John, Lady Gaga, and even Paul McCartney, a former rival. The album’s release came just after frontman Mick Jagger celebrated his 80th birthday, with guitarist Keith Richards reaching this milestone in December.

The tour has garnered the support of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), aligning with the band’s legendary status and age.

Critics have largely embraced “Hackney Diamonds”. The Telegraph praised it as “crisp and thrilling,” while Uncut admired the band’s resilient spirit following drummer Charlie Watts’ passing in 2021, saying they had “come out fighting.” However, some reviews have been critical; Pitchfork notably called the album a collection of “hackneyed duds” overly polished to the point of losing its character.

Despite mixed reviews, The Rolling Stones’ global appeal remains strong. BMG, the music publisher, reported that “Hackney Diamonds” achieved chart-topping success in twelve countries.