Trump Believes This Speaker Can Outdo Him

On Monday, ex-President Donald Trump humorously commented on the House Republicans’ challenges in selecting a speaker that garners unanimous support. He jested that perhaps only Jesus Christ could achieve that level of approval.

“The majority margin in the House is a tough one,” Trump noted. “Regardless of who’s in contention, there’s just one figure I believe could easily surpass it. And that’s Jesus Christ.”

Trump remarked that if Jesus expressed interest in the speaker role, he’d succeed without question. “But, so far, there’s no one I’ve seen who can confidently claim that spot,” he continued.

During his brief interaction with the media in New Hampshire, Trump refrained from publicly endorsing any Republican candidates aiming for the speaker position. He did, however, mention having discussions with most of them.

“There will be a resolution, and it will be positive. I’m keeping a neutral stance at this juncture,” Trump conveyed. “I’ve engaged in discussions with a majority of the contenders, and they are commendable individuals.”

Historically, Trump had shown support for the former House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., advocating for his continuation in the role. Later on, he backed Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.

The eight GOP members in the speaker race include Reps. Tom Emmer (Minnesota), Mike Johnson (Louisiana), Jack Bergman (Michigan), Byron Donalds (Florida), Kevin Hern (Oklahoma), Gary Palmer (Alabama), Austin Scott (Georgia), and Pete Sessions (Texas).

Rep. Dan Meuser from Pennsylvania was also a contender but revealed in a private forum on Monday that he was bowing out.

The House has been operating without a speaker for the past 20 days, and a swift solution doesn’t seem imminent.