Trump: ‘They Indicted Me Because I’m in First Place’

Echoing a familiar narrative, the previous President, Donald Trump, asserted that the legal actions against him were orchestrated by the Democrats, with the sole aim of preventing his return to the Presidency.

“While I could have enjoyed a tranquil existence, owning splendid residences everywhere, I chose to be here, amidst you all this evening,” Trump conveyed during his address at the South Dakota GOP convention on Friday night, a speech broadcasted in full on Newsmax.

“I could have been relishing a serene life. The only reason they are prosecuting me is because I am leading the race,” he remarked.

Trump, currently experiencing favorable ratings in the Republican primaries and seemingly outpacing the sitting President Joe Biden in speculative general election polls, insinuated that this popularity might be a double-edged sword. It potentially provides the Democrats a motive to employ the judiciary system as a tool against him, their principal political adversary, he cautioned.

“It’s disheartening to observe these positive polls, as it seems to provoke another round of legal pursuits against me,” Trump expressed sorrowfully. “Perhaps it’s time I state, ‘Things are not looking good; it’s terrible, I am considering pulling out.”

He further stressed that this constituted an act of election meddling, targeting those associated with him.

“Their underlying objective is to manipulate the electoral process to undermine the chances of Republican and conservative victories,” he articulated.

He urged the Republican representatives in Congress to adopt a more aggressive stance, especially criticizing the perceived inefficiency of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky.

“It’s high time the Senate demonstrates resilience, considering the House has been relentlessly striving. However, under McConnell’s leadership, the Senate’s performance has been dismal,” Trump noted vehemently.

He further suggested an immediate cessation of funding to the Department of Justice and the prosecuting officials who, according to him, are systematically eliminating conservative and Republican candidates from political contests through unwarranted indictments and other illicit strategies.

“That is their strategy in play,” he concluded.