Trump Endorsed By This Ex-Candidate Who Dropped 2024 Campaign

Renowned conservative radio personality, Larry Elder, confirmed on Thursday that he’s stepping away from his 2024 Republican presidential campaign, giving his endorsement to ex-President Donald Trump.

Having unsuccessfully aimed to oust California Governor Gavin Newsom in the 2021 recall, Elder released a statement detailing his “challenging decision” to halt his campaign. He underscored Trump’s significant role in championing conservative principles that served the nation’s interest. He emphasized the urgent need to rally behind Trump to outmatch President Joe Biden. Elder voiced hope that his electoral run spotlighted issues close to his heart, such as addressing fatherlessness, combating crime, and countering the perception of America as a racially biased country.

Larry Elder’s withdrawal marks the fourth significant GOP candidate to abandon the 2024 presidential race. Others include Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez, ex-Texas Representative Will Hurd, and entrepreneur Perry Johnson. Notably, Johnson, like Elder, gave his nod to Trump, while Hurd rallied behind former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Initiating his campaign in April, Elder expressed concerns over America’s trajectory. He voiced optimism about ushering in an “American Golden Age,” emphasizing the need for decisive leadership. His announcement was made on X, previously known as Twitter.

However, in a race overshadowed by Trump and graced by other notable figures such as Nikki Haley, former VP Mike Pence, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), and biotech magnate Vivek Ramaswamy, Elder’s campaign struggled for prominence.

His absence from the main GOP debates was evident, given he couldn’t meet the Republican National Committee’s stipulated criteria for polling and donor support. Post missing the first debate, Elder lodged a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, arguing for a fair application of debate rules across candidates.

Elder’s inaugural political endeavor was in 2021, aiming for Newsom’s role. Despite securing the highest votes among 46 contenders, the push to unseat Newsom was unsuccessful.

Several Democrats argue that Elder’s polar stance against Newsom galvanized voters in the predominantly liberal Californian landscape, resulting in the recall’s rejection. Elder faced criticism for his conservative views, from supporting Trump to contesting COVID-19 restrictions.

Nevertheless, Elder believes his gubernatorial run resonated with a sizable voter segment. Born in Los Angeles’ challenging South Central region, Elder’s journey from an Ivy League institution to law school, and eventually a reputable voice in conservative radio and television, is commendable. His frequent appearances on channels like Fox News bolstered his conservative base.

As a Black American, Elder’s critique of the Democratic “woke” narrative, Black Lives Matter, and concepts of ingrained racism, have often placed him in disagreement with a significant portion of the Black community.