Biden Family Gets Away with This Cover-up

On Thursday, former Senator Alfonse D’Amato of New York voiced concerns about a potential cover-up related to the Biden family, suggesting that the FBI and the Justice Department might be involved.

D’Amato spoke highly of Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. “I’ve known Chuck Grassley for over four decades,” D’Amato remarked. “He remains one of the most esteemed senators the U.S. has ever seen, regardless of political affiliations. He’s drawing our attention back to the alleged corruption within the current administration’s Justice Department that could be preventing the FBI from carrying out their duties.”

He further criticized the leaders of the FBI and the Justice Department. “They ought to reflect on their actions. Why is this information being withheld? The only logical explanation appears to be a potential obstruction of justice, possibly to shield questionable activities and financial benefits tied to the Bidens.”

Earlier this week, Senator Grassley sent a detailed letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray. In it, he insinuated that noticeable political bias within both agencies could be hindering inquiries into the Bidens’ commercial ventures. He highlighted that, despite over 40 confidential informants supplying the FBI with potential criminal intel concerning President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, no substantial action has been taken.

In his letter, Grassley emphasized the gravity of the situation. “Our nation cannot withstand this kind of political compromise. You both have a duty to dispel these clouds of suspicion,” he asserted.

He further elaborated that his concerns weren’t abrupt but were built upon prolonged scrutiny, involving details, documents, and claims from several insiders within the Justice Department. These insiders purportedly signaled that there’s been an ongoing attempt by some within the FBI and the Justice Department to impede comprehensive investigations concerning the Bidens. Grassley also requested related records in his letter.

In continuation, D’Amato had sharp words for Garland, labeling him as “utterly disappointing,” and went on to caution Wray about potentially tarnishing the FBI’s revered reputation by permitting alleged malpractice at the top.

D’Amato concluded, “It’s evident there’s an attempt to conceal the truth. Grassley stands tall in this regard. It’s not about his political alignment; he’s genuinely committed to integrity and transparency, and he’s spot-on in this situation.”