Trump on Gag Order: ‘They took this away from me’

Ex-President Donald Trump criticized U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, claiming she restricted his free speech rights by reissuing a gag order against him.

Chutkan, presiding over the Washington case alleging Trump’s efforts to contest the 2020 election outcome, renewed on Sunday the directive preventing Trump from making public comments about the special counsel handling his case or potential witnesses. 

Trump remarked on Monday, “The extremely prejudiced judge in D.C., who clearly has a strong animosity towards me, has reintroduced a GAG ORDER that seems to give an edge to those opposing me legally and politically.”

He added, “Many legal experts find this directive outrageous! They believe it unlawfully infringes upon my First Amendment rights, especially during my ongoing presidential campaign. I’m leading in the polls, and it’s shocking to many that this is transpiring. I will challenge this.”

Chutkan had initially agreed to the gag order based on the Justice Department’s appeal but temporarily suspended it on Oct. 20. However, she reinstated it on Sunday, as indicated by the court records.

Trump continued his criticism, “The federal judge, appointed during the Obama era, is deeply biased against me. Her strong aversion to me has clouded her judgment.”

The 2024 Republican presidential nomination front-runner also used his platform to target current President Joe Biden.

He commented, “These politically-motivated lawsuits shouldn’t be initiated right before an election. It’s as if our Founding Fathers are looking at Biden disapprovingly.”

Currently, Trump is entangled in four legal cases: one concerning the 2020 federal election, another in Georgia regarding the 2020 election results, a Florida case about alleged classified document mishandling, and a New York case related to purported payments to Stormy Daniels.

Questioning the timing, Trump remarked, “Why initiate these legal actions against me now, during my campaign? Joe, this could backfire on you in the future.”

Continuing his stance, Trump expressed his frustration, “Why weren’t these legal proceedings initiated years ago, instead of during my campaign? This seems like election meddling akin to practices in less developed nations.”

Emphasizing his point, Trump stated, “Had these cases been introduced three years ago, they would’ve been concluded by now. Instead, they coincide with my campaign’s commencement.”