Rep. Waltz Exposes Act by Biden on Israel

Representative Michael Waltz, a Republican from Florida, expressed dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s approach to managing the tensions between Israel and Hamas. Waltz’s critique indicates that Biden’s attempt at a balanced stance has frustrated both Jewish and Arab American communities.

Waltz, who serves on both the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees, pointed out a diminishing support for Biden among these groups. He criticized the President for acknowledging Israel’s right to self-defense one moment, while in another instance, openly rebuking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on topics of human rights and warfare legislation.

During the conversation with Lara Trump, who was guest hosting, Waltz emphasized the distinct nature of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, clearly labeling Hamas as a terrorist group responsible for the brutal acts against Israeli civilians.

Furthermore, Waltz highlighted the actions of Hamas, such as utilizing schools, mosques, and hospitals for military purposes, which he categorizes as war crimes due to the deliberate use of human shields. He called for recognition from the Biden administration and others of the stark contrast between targeting civilians as a tactic and the unfortunate reality of civilian casualties as collateral damage during military conflict.