Trump: No Israel, Ukraine Attacks Under My Power

Former President Donald Trump expressed on Truth Social that incidents like the assault on Israel by Hamas and Russia’s incursion into Ukraine would not have transpired under his leadership.

“Had I been in the Oval Office, the distressing situations in Israel and Ukraine would not have occurred,” Trump emphatically posted on his digital platform. “Absolutely no chance!”

His remarks followed a speech in Waterloo, Iowa, where he attributed such conflicts to what he deemed “subpar and inefficient” American leadership.

“We see aggression towards Israel because globally, the U.S. is viewed as lacking strength, mainly due to its leadership,” Trump opined, possibly hinting at President Joe Biden.

Trump has repeatedly made analogous remarks about Russia’s advances, culminating in full-blown conflict on February 24, 2022. In a conversation in March, Trump asserted he could bring resolution within a day if he were back in power.

“Should this situation persist, I guarantee resolution within a day in talks with both Zelenskyy and Putin,” he conveyed to Fox News.

“It’s crucial to halt the war immediately as Ukraine suffers immense losses,” he further remarked.

These sentiments followed a day after Hamas initiated a multi-pronged assault on Israeli regions adjacent to the Gaza Strip, later expanding their attacks to major Israeli cities.

Casualties in Israel have reportedly reached 700, as noted by an Israeli military spokesperson on NBC News. On the other hand, Palestinian Health Ministry indicates around 424 fatalities in Palestinian territories.

The death toll includes several U.S. citizens in Israel, with over a hundred potentially held captive by Hamas.