Gov. Burgum Injured, Could Miss Republican Debate

Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota is uncertain about his appearance at Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate, following an injury he sustained during a basketball game, which necessitated an emergency room visit.

Lance Trover, a spokesperson for Burgum’s campaign, mentioned on Wednesday that it remains “undecided if he can be present and upright during the debate.” While Trover didn’t elaborate on the specifics of the injury, he promised further details soon. The incident, which happened on Tuesday when Burgum was enjoying a game with his campaign crew, was initially brought to light by CNN.

This potential absence could be a blow to Burgum, as he is the most unfamiliar face among the eight candidates slated to appear in Milwaukee. Especially since Donald Trump, an early favorite, has declared he won’t be attending, this debate would have been an optimal platform for Burgum to make his introduction to the electorate.

Burgum, who has established himself as a successful entrepreneur, secured his spot on the debate stage using an innovative strategy. He provided $20 gift cards to patrons who donated just $1 to his campaign, enabling him to satisfy the donor count criteria put forth by the Republican National Committee.

It’s worth noting that last year, 67-year-old Burgum underwent a hip replacement procedure.