Donald Trump: ‘I’ve Risked It All to Defend the Working Class’

Former President Donald Trump critiqued President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Michigan, suggesting that Biden was merely trying to curry favor with the leadership of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union. Trump emphasized his commitment to American workers and championed the idea of “economic nationalism” in opposition to Biden’s perceived globalist stance.

Speaking at a campaign event in Clinton Township, Michigan, Trump said, “I’ve always stood up for you, battling a political elite that has, for years, drained our nation’s resources and vitality.

“This evening is about presenting a blueprint for rejuvenating economic nationalism, and safeguarding the core of our automobile industry, which is being drained away.”

Trump criticized Biden’s Michigan trip, implying it was a reactionary move after Trump declared his own Michigan speech, at a time when his Republican competitors were engaged in a debate in California.

“Our priority should be safeguarding American jobs, not those overseas,” Trump stated. “We need a direction that prioritizes the American dream over external profits, that promotes American industrial growth, enhances national pride, and protects our nation’s esteem — rather than wasting resources on nations that don’t respect us.”

Addressing a diverse group of Michigan workers, including some from the UAW, Trump affirmed, “I stand with America’s auto workers and all those aiming to uplift America, today and always.”

Despite the UAW leadership endorsing Biden, who had visited a day earlier, Trump continued to engage with various working-class communities.

“It’s always a pleasure to be amongst the dedicated workers and passionate patriots of Michigan,” Trump remarked. “Across Michigan and beyond, numerous auto workers and skilled professionals are anxious about their future and their families.

“I start tonight by honoring these remarkable Americans who often go unrecognized.”

Trump criticized auto industry leaders for succumbing to the Biden administration’s push for electric vehicles, claiming it’s overly dependent on foreign-sourced components.

“They’re aiming for a full shift to electric, which threatens your professions,” Trump asserted to the audience. “To all the welders, line workers, machinery experts, drivers, technicians, electricians, and the entire workforce: it’s an honor to be amidst you, in your natural habitat.

“You are the backbone of this nation. You’ve always held our country together.”