Trump: ‘Biden Betrayed Israel’

Former President Donald Trump stated he had foreseen the recent Hamas attacks on Israel right after it was reported that President Joe Biden provided Iran with $6 billion. Trump believes this funding potentially supported anti-Israeli factions in the region.

“I saw this coming when it was revealed that Joe Biden sanctioned the $6 billion for Iran,” Trump mentioned at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, broadcasted in full on Newsmax. “Such vast funds have implications.

“Now, more than ever, Israel and the U.S. need strong ties and leadership. Powerful leadership is essential, regardless of your military arsenal.

“Besides the billions given, potentially aiding Hamas, Biden also channeled vast sums to Palestinian groups, whose integrity is questionable. The question arises about the intentions behind such allocations.

Trump accused Biden of forsaking both Israel and the U.S.

“My administration was unequivocally supportive of Israel,” Trump affirmed.

Commenting on the recent Hamas offensives, he remarked, “The violence and loss of life in Israel due to these attacks are barbaric and demand resolute action. America must stand firmly with Israel. My tenure was the most supportive of Israel.”

Trump attributed the recent unrest to Biden’s diplomatic approach towards Iran.

“I terminated the Iran nuclear deal, which Netanyahu previously implored Obama to reconsider,” Trump recounted. “Had we been in power, we’d have brokered a favorable agreement with Iran, ensuring they remained non-nuclear. Now, their nuclear ambitions are nearly realized. Engaging in discussions becomes trickier when nuclear power is involved.”

Trump opined that Biden’s actions and communication style brought the world to the brink of a global conflict.

“His diplomacy lacks tact and often falters,” Trump criticized. “His leadership lacks global respect. It’s alarming.”

Promising a deterrent to large-scale conflicts, Trump said, “I guarantee that under my leadership, global wars would be averted. Recall the Abraham Accords from a few years ago, which many believed deserved a Nobel acknowledgment. Instead of the peace anticipated from the Accords, we witness conflict in the Middle East.”

“In leadership, the person at the helm makes all the difference,” Trump concluded.