Pelosi Tiptoes Around Endorsement for VP Harris

Earlier this week, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who recently declared her intention to run once more to retain her longstanding congressional seat, refrained from wholeheartedly endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris, also from California, as the optimal choice for President Joe Biden’s second-in-command in the upcoming election cycle.

In a conversation on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that took place Wednesday evening, Pelosi provided a rather nuanced response to Cooper’s inquiry regarding her stance on Harris being the most suitable running mate for Biden. “That’s the perception he holds, and it holds significance,” articulated the seasoned Democrat from California, hinting at Biden’s preference.

Pelosi did, however, credit Harris with possessing a sharp political acumen. She accentuated that the Vice President is not acknowledged sufficiently for her political savvy. “Undeniably, she aligns with the core beliefs upheld by the President,” remarked Pelosi. She then emphasized the prevalent underestimation of Harris’ political sagacity, rhetorically questioning why Harris would occupy her current role if she lacked adeptness.

Pelosi highlighted Harris’ political journey, especially noting her tenure as the attorney general of California where, despite initial low polling figures, she successfully campaigned, showcasing her political prowess and eventually securing the position. “It would be a mistake to not recognize the significant contributions Kamala Harris can offer,” Pelosi noted.

When prodded again regarding her opinion on Harris being the best partner for Biden in the presidential race, Pelosi reiterated Harris’ current prestigious position, stating, “She holds the role of the vice president of the United States.”

Addressing queries about Harris’ role, Pelosi expressed, “Individuals question her involvement or the lack thereof in certain matters. The reason is her designated role as the vice president, which inherently does not entail extensive responsibilities but serves as a beacon of strength, a reservoir of knowledge, and a representation of the nation, both domestically and internationally. In my view, she has executed her duties commendably.”

When the conversation veered towards President Biden’s prospects in the 2024 Democratic nomination, Pelosi was forthcoming in her appreciation for him. She lauded his rich reservoir of experience and wisdom, accumulated over years serving as senator, vice president, and now the president. She praised his visionary approach towards fostering a nation grounded in equity and justice, and his dedication to addressing pressing issues affecting the American populace.

While Pelosi conceded that there might be whispers of concern regarding Biden’s advancing age within Democratic circles, she conveyed a strong sense of collective support for him, asserting to Cooper, “The consensus largely sways in his favor.”