Giuliani Lands in Georgia for Possible Surrender

Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City, touched down in Georgia this Wednesday morning, with speculation rife that he’ll be turning himself in due to allegations linked to the 2020 election interference.

Upon arrival at the DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, located a short distance northeast of Atlanta, Giuliani was not alone. Accompanying him was his New York attorney, John Esposito, as mentioned by NBC News.

Only a week prior, the Fulton County Democrat District Attorney, Fani Willis, along with a grand jury, had indicted the former U.S. President Donald Trump, Giuliani, and a group of 17 individuals on serious felony charges.

Before any formal surrender, Giuliani’s legal team is expected to liaise with the Fulton County DA’s office to settle the terms of a bond agreement. Sources from NBC News suggest that arrangements with a bail bondsman are in place for Giuliani. Once the bond is set, he will make his way to the Rice Street police station to undergo the customary procedure of fingerprinting and capturing a mug shot.

An upcoming arraignment for Giuliani, which may be conducted virtually, is anticipated to be scheduled within the next couple of weeks, as stated by NBC News.

Commenting on the entire situation, Giuliani expressed to Newsmax, “The past few years have been a testimony to apparent mismanagement and corruption at various levels of our governance. It’s disheartening to witness the same infecting our Justice Department, courts, and the DA office. It’s as if our nation is reflecting the shades of countries like Russia, Iran, China, and Venezuela.”

Brian Tevis of the Tevis Law Firm is set to represent Giuliani in Georgia, as confirmed by NBC News.

Interestingly, CNN had reported a day earlier that Giuliani was initially unable to secure a local Georgia lawyer to facilitate his surrender, and former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik was stepping in to assist. However, with Tevis on board, it seems Kerik might still join the team.

Meanwhile, Trump has made his intentions clear about his upcoming Georgia visit. He disclosed on Truth Social, “This Thursday, I’m heading to Atlanta, Georgia, not for any ‘murder’ charges but due to what I believe was an entirely appropriate phone conversation. It’s quite surprising that I’ll be detained by District Attorney Fani Willis, given the pressing issues the state currently faces with crime.”