Pence: Biden Border Wall Plan ‘Too Little, Too Late’

The recent move by the Biden government to bypass 26 federal regulations in South Texas for an extra 20 miles of border wall construction has been labeled as “insufficient and belated” by former Vice President Mike Pence, who is running for the presidency in 2024 under the GOP banner.

Pence voiced his opinion on SiriusXM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show,” stating, “It’s high time we took action. A country without clear boundaries is not truly sovereign.”

He emphasized that the wall is merely a segment of the solution, urging the reinstatement of the “stay in Mexico” policy, among other strategies.

Pence commented on the need to empower courts and legal officials across the U.S. to handle the massive influx of asylum applications. “It’s imperative that the public is informed,” he remarked.

Observers argue that this move appears to validate former President Donald Trump’s stance on immigration. President Biden clarified that he’s not a proponent of the border wall; however, the funds allocated during Trump’s term made the construction inevitable.

Addressing Kelly, Pence stated, “In my eyes, this decision underscores that even the Biden team acknowledges the border situation as a crisis of their own making, and the responsibility lies squarely on President Biden. We need to revert to strategies that proved effective during our tenure.”

Pence expressed his reservations about the mere addition of 20 miles to the border wall.

“It seems like a symbolic gesture,” he opined. “Their announcement essentially concedes that Biden’s initial halt to the wall’s construction was a mistake.”

Pence didn’t hold back his criticism on the actions of eight Republican members of the House voting against Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s position as the Speaker.

Pence expressed his dismay over Congressman [Matt] Gaetz and seven other House members siding with the Democrats in the House to dethrone the Republican Speaker. He labeled these eight Republicans as the “Chaos Contingent.”

He conveyed his best wishes to his previous associates in the House during this transitional phase, saying, “I firmly believe that they need to revisit the internal regulations, implementing stricter criteria to prevent a minority from jeopardizing the Speaker’s position in the future.”