Israel Visit Meant to Signify US Support

Chris Christie, aiming for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, recently expressed his support for Israel during a visit to the country. Speaking on “Eric Bolling The Balance,” the ex-governor of New Jersey shared insights from his trip to Israel, a journey he also undertook in 2012. His recent visit was particularly focused on understanding the impact of the deadly attack by Hamas on October 7 in southern Israel.

Israeli authorities reported that this attack resulted in approximately 1,200 deaths, including many civilians, with over 7,000 injured, 239 people captured or abducted, and 28 still unaccounted for.

Christie emphasized his desire to connect with the people affected, stating, “I wanted to truly grasp the emotional toll of the situation. It’s important for them to know that their struggles are recognized by the United States.”

However, Christie admitted that the reality he witnessed exceeded his expectations. “What I encountered was utterly appalling,” he shared with host Eric Bolling. “The October 7th attack was not only savage but the blatant delight in the suffering of innocents by the perpetrators was horrifying.”

One particularly affected area he visited was the Be’eri kibbutz, which experienced severe devastation. It’s believed that at least 130 people, including women and infants, lost their lives there. Christie described the kibbutz, which used to be a vibrant community, as being completely destroyed, recalling a house where a young couple had recently married before being tragically killed.

Christie stressed the importance of security, noting, “The kibbutz was mere yards from the Gaza border. It’s imperative to ensure the complete dismantling of Hamas’ military capabilities before asking people to return there.”

In his presidential campaign, Christie has also shown his international support by meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv, a gesture of solidarity with Ukraine’s efforts against Russian aggression.