Trump: Would Be ‘Very Dangerous’ to Jail Me

Former President Donald Trump might be the target of an impending indictment from special counsel Jack Smith, an issue that has stirred up significant conjecture. However, Trump cautions that any potential arrest or detention could ignite a genuine risk, insisting such a move would negatively affect the nation.

Speaking to WHO Newsradio 1040 in Des Moines, Iowa, earlier this week, Trump expressed his concerns. He stated, “The mere discussion of such actions is perilous due to the incredibly passionate group of voters we have. Their fervor has grown exponentially, surpassing the enthusiasm witnessed during the 2020 and 2016 elections. The implications could be highly dangerous.”

To avoid pretrial detention following an arrest for potential criminal charges linked to the January 6 events – charges Smith may level against him – the Justice Department would need to portray Trump as a threat to public safety. Nonetheless, Trump argues that the true hazard would be the DOJ becoming a politicized weapon, and the politically driven prosecution incarcerating a crucial opposition candidate to the current president.

In his dialogue with WHO, Trump suggested, “This is tantamount to manipulating an election result. It equates to interference with the electoral process.”

Smith’s impartiality has been questioned due to his wife’s known support for President Joe Biden and her role as a producer of a documentary about Michelle Obama.

Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker vehemently criticizes any notions of pretrial detention for Trump as baseless and a blatant attempt to stifle his presidential campaign. Speaking to Newsmax earlier this week, Whitaker said, “I’ve never witnessed such an egregious misuse of prosecutorial discretion.”

During his appearance on Tuesday’s “The Chris Salcedo Show,” Whitaker further stated, “Their objective is clear – to sideline Donald Trump. The suggestion of pretrial detention illustrates their intent to hinder his campaign and suppress his voice. This seems to be their only tactic to restrain him.”

Whitaker highlighted that federal law allows pretrial detention only under two circumstances: the accused is a flight risk or poses a danger to themselves or the community. He concluded by saying, “Donald Trump fits neither criterion. There is no justification for pretrial detention. He should be permitted to carry on with his presidential campaign. This situation increasingly appears to be a case of election interference.”