The Rock Bet On the ‘Wrong Horse’ in Biden

Actor John Schneider expressed strong criticism towards Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This stemmed from Johnson’s recent remarks which seemed to distance himself from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, despite his earlier endorsement of them.

Schneider pointed out what he saw as an inconsistency in Johnson’s stance. “He chose the wrong side. While everyone is free to support any candidate, they should also stand by their choice. It’s disappointing to see someone backtrack, especially when it seems to impact their career negatively, as it did for Dwayne. His fans who once related to him felt betrayed upon realizing he didn’t share their views,” Schneider commented.

Johnson, in a conversation with podcast host Joe Rogan, discussed the partisan divide in the U.S. He mentioned that he knows few friends who genuinely support Biden, their loyalty rooted more in party affiliation than personal conviction. “I have friends who stay faithful to their party. I have others who decided not to vote for either candidate in the past and present elections. It’s about accepting differences in opinion,” Johnson stated.

Reflecting on Johnson’s previous endorsement of Biden and Harris, Schneider said, “I revisited the video of Dwayne’s endorsement. It seemed like he was overly flattering towards both candidates at that time.”

He further suggested that Johnson should openly admit his error in judgment. “It’s not something to be laughed off. He should acknowledge his past support instead of deflecting. In today’s digital age, everything is documented online, and it’s easy to revisit past statements,” Schneider noted.

Schneider concluded by emphasizing the importance of being consistent with one’s beliefs and statements. “Anyone is entitled to their beliefs and expressions. However, they should either stand by their words or, given the current global and national challenges, openly admit if their views have changed.”