Biden Crimes ‘Money Laundering 101″

James Comer, the Chair of the House Oversight Committee, has unveiled what he describes as an intricate financial scheme, likening it to a lesson in “money laundering 101.” Comer, a Republican representing Kentucky, made these eye-opening claims during his recent appearance on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

Comer provided insights into a report he recently published, which revolves around a substantial $200,000 transaction from Jim Biden to his brother, Joe Biden, dated March 2018. According to Comer, this payment is linked to a financially beleaguered operator of a rural hospital.

In explaining the situation, Comer remarked, “This family was deeply involved in a highly organized money laundering operation. The complexity of tracing the origins of these payments is daunting. Nevertheless, we’ve successfully traced the $200,000 received by Joe Biden directly to its source: Americore Health. This is a company where Jim Biden used his influence to broker deals for Joe Biden.”

Comer went on to reveal that Jim Biden had engaged with Americore Health, a struggling enterprise, pledging that his brother’s influential connections would facilitate securing funding from the Middle East for the company’s benefit.

On March 1, 2018, Americore Health wired a sum of $200,000 into the personal bank account held by James and Sara Biden. Simultaneously, James Biden issued a $200,000 check from this very same account to Joe Biden.

Comer underscored the gravity of the situation, asserting, “We’ve methodically built a case that exposes Joe Biden’s untruths to the American public over the past eight years regarding his knowledge and involvement in his family’s influence-peddling operations. We are on the verge of demonstrating that Jim Biden is guilty of multiple crimes, and we are diligently piecing together the puzzle, which leads us unequivocally to the conclusion that the $200,000 did indeed find its way to Joe Biden.”

Furthermore, Comer maintained that even if efforts were made to contend that Jim Biden had received a loan, he would have been unable to repay it were it not for his dealings with Americore Health. Consequently, Joe Biden has benefited to the tune of $200,000 due to this influence-peddling scheme.

Comer also disclosed that the investigation commenced with the discovery of abandoned shell companies, characterizing the situation as akin to a lesson in “money laundering 101,” with funds shifting between multiple accounts.

In addressing reports concerning Joe Biden’s cash purchase of a $2.7 million Delaware beach house in 2017, Comer expressed skepticism, remarking, “None of Joe Biden’s financial assets seem to align logically. With every fresh revelation, we uncover a pattern of funds being shuffled back and forth incessantly. There’s a specific term for such actions, and it’s called money laundering—a grave offense. Unless, of course, your last name happens to be Biden.”

This rewritten article maintains readability while conveying the core details of James Comer’s allegations and the House Oversight Committee’s findings.