Biden Recalls Teaching at UPenn, but Never Taught Classes There

On Thursday, President Joe Biden reminisced about an alleged time where he purportedly taught political theory at the University of Pennsylvania. However, it seems that he never actually conducted any classes during his time at the institution.

During a speech at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland, 80-year-old Biden emphasized, “Our democracy is under attack, and we need to stand up for it.” He continued, “For four years, I was a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania, where I imparted lessons on political theory. It’s essential to realize that each generation is responsible for safeguarding democracy.”

However, as per information from the New York Post, Biden held the title of honorary professor while at the Philadelphia-based institution. He held the position of Benjamin Franklin Presidential Professor of the Practice from February 2017 until April 2019, a period between his vice-presidential tenure and the initiation of his presidential campaign.

The same publication noted that Biden’s role didn’t encompass leading full-semester courses, spearheading individual research projects, or overseeing administrative tasks.

Furthermore, the Philadelphia Inquirer stated that Biden’s position at the university was rather ambiguous, not entailing regular class sessions but involving approximately a dozen public appearances, predominantly at significant, ticketed events.

It has been reported that Biden received a considerable compensation during this period, earning $371,159 in 2017, and an additional amount of $540,484 between 2018 and the early part of 2019.

This recent statement from the president comes on the heels of other questionable claims, as highlighted by the Post. Addressing a series of inconsistencies in Biden’s narratives, Washington Times reporter Jeff Mordock questioned White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby, saying, “Recently, the president narrated being present at ground zero the day following the September 11 attacks, recounted witnessing the bridge collapse in Pittsburgh, and alleged that his grandfather passed away in a hospital shortly before he was born. One can’t help but wonder about the president’s recounting of events. Is it a matter of misremembered occurrences, or is there a tendency to fabricate narratives?”