Jason Miller: Trump ‘In a Great Mood’

Jason Miller, a key aide to ex-President Donald Trump, shared that Trump remains upbeat despite his current legal challenges.

The civil case against Trump in New York, which addresses fraud accusations linked to his business and his eldest sons, commenced this Monday. Throughout the trial, Miller has been present with Trump. He mentioned, “The former president remains upbeat,” and highlighted Trump’s commendable polling numbers looking ahead to the 2024 presidential race.

Miller stressed the significance of Trump’s personal appearance in court to bring attention to the matter. He expressed discontent with Judge Arthur Engoron’s recent judgment, which found Trump and his fellow defendants responsible for fraud.

Miller remarked, “The fact that Trump chose to appear in court, even when he wasn’t mandated to, has opened everyone’s eyes to perceive the judge’s potential biases in fast-tracking the case.”

He further pointed out that New York Attorney General Letitia James had a campaign mantra to target Trump. Miller recalled her displeased demeanor during the trial’s initial day, opining, “This case should never have seen the light of day.”

Concluding his comments, Miller said, “The political undertones of this case are evident… Fortunately, people are noticing. Otherwise, certain media outlets might have preferred to downplay its significance.”