DeSantis ’24 Chief: Campaign ‘Ineffective’; PAC Storms Iowa

The reorganization of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign is set to rely on the financially robust Never Back Down PAC to spearhead grassroots efforts in Iowa. This follows reports of DeSantis’ campaign manager confessing to overspending on a campaign deemed “ineffective.”

Generra Peck, DeSantis’ campaign manager, allegedly informed a summit of Utah billionaire donors that substantial funds have been misused on an unproductive campaign thus far. As per reports from Politico and the Des Moines Register, the focus will now shift towards a more “rebel” approach in Iowa, employing the support of the pro-DeSantis Never Back Down PAC, which boasts over $100 million.

“Never Back Down is entirely committed to magnifying the governor’s message via door-to-door campaigns, collecting caucus pledges, and arranging events for his attendance. We plan to escalate these initiatives over the upcoming months,” PAC spokesperson Jess Szymanski stated to the Register.

Federal campaign finance laws prohibit PACs from coordinating directly with official campaign teams.

Nonetheless, Never Back Down is stepping up independently to aid the DeSantis campaign, already staffing 21 full-timers in Iowa with plans for more additions, as per the Register’s report.

DeSantis has pledged to conduct the “full Grassley” tour across all 99 counties in Iowa, with the Never Back Down PAC tour expected to be accompanied by DeSantis on Thursday.

This strategic pivot reportedly stems from DeSantis’ backers, including anti-Trump Fox executives Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, expressing dissatisfaction with the sluggish momentum against former President Donald Trump in polls and discussions.

Sources reported to the pro-Trump outlet, The National Pulse, that those tempering their support for DeSantis can allegedly “detect a losing candidate.”

Recent polling data indicates Trump’s support rating is double-digits higher than his final figures in the 2016 GOP primary polls. A Trump campaign pollster pointed out a 30-point lead and highlighted Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., narrowing the gap with DeSantis in the inaugural caucus state.