Biden Impeachment Vote Possible Mid-Sept?

On Thursday, James Comer, the head of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, hinted at the potential initiation of a House impeachment investigation targeting President Joe Biden, potentially taking place by mid-September.

The Republican representative from Kentucky disclosed in a discussion on Newsmax’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight” that, according to his assessment, the Republican faction has sufficient votes for the inquiry to be authorized.

“September seems to be the likely timeframe for the House to cast their votes. The final decision lies with [House Speaker] Kevin McCarthy [R-Calif.], yet our recent conversations give me this impression. I am aware that [House Judiciary Chair] Jim Jordan [R-Ohio] has also been in constant dialogue with him on this matter.

“My forecast is that we will see a vote around mid-September, and the probability of it getting approved is high,” stated Comer.

He went on to articulate that the inquiry could facilitate the procurement of essential data from federal institutions, including the National Archives and the Internal Revenue Service, which have been somewhat sluggish in releasing the requested financial documents.

“We have managed to secure an unprecedented amount of information, yet a considerable volume of data remains to be acquired,” he underscored.

Comer also recognized that several Republicans harbored initial reservations about launching such an inquiry. Nonetheless, the emerging allegations surrounding Joe Biden’s alleged covert communications with his son, Hunter Biden, regarding overseas business transactions, became the decisive factor for many.

“This inquiry has become essential for gaining leverage in the legal battles that seem inevitable at this point,” insisted Comer. “We have nearly exhausted all the easy options available.” 

He emphasized that this newfound urgency emerged as a necessary strategy to succeed in impending court disputes, as the available straightforward avenues have nearly been exhausted.