Fulton County DA to Reveal 30 Unindicted Co-conspirators

On Thursday, the district attorney’s office in Fulton County consented to confidentially disclose the identities of 30 non-indicted accomplices to the legal representatives of Donald Trump and the 18 other individuals facing trials for alleged efforts to undermine the 2020 elections.

The process will commence with Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell being the primary focal points.

During a hearing overseen by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee on Thursday, Fulton County prosecutor Nathan Wade promised to hand over the aforementioned details promptly.

This disclosure was initially sought by the legal counsel for Chesebro and Powell, who are slated to stand trial first on October 23. The duo had pushed for expedited trials, and Judge McAfee decided earlier during the day that their cases would be separated from that of Trump and the other defendants.

Wade clarified that the decision to exclude the names of the non-indicted individuals from the official charges was a deliberate move, highlighting that unveiling the identities of those who haven’t been formally charged is generally discouraged.

According to a recent article, a grand jury suggested levying charges against a total of 39 individuals. Among those listed were notable figures such as Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, former U.S. Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue of Georgia, along with Michael Flynn, a previous national security advisor during Trump’s tenure. However, it remains uncertain whether any of these individuals were identified as non-indicted accomplices in the comprehensive indictment.

Moreover, during Thursday’s court session, the attorneys representing Chesebro and Powell sought permission to converse with the grand jury members and to unseal the transcripts which catalyzed the indictment.

Powell is grappling with six separate charges, encompassing an alleged conspiracy to perpetrate election fraud. She is also implicated in allegations pertaining to unauthorized access to the voting infrastructure in Coffee County, Georgia.

Conversely, Chesebro is contending with a total of seven charges, which encompass conspiracy accusations and an alleged infringement of Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute.