Fauci Continuously Proven a ‘Total Fraud’

Each emerging detail concerning COVID-19 and its roots increasingly exposes Dr. Anthony Fauci as a “total sham,” Senator Eric Schmitt, R-Mo., declared on Newsmax this Thursday.

Schmitt referred to fresh reports by Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, and Alex Gutentag, claiming the initial individuals to contract the virus were researchers at a laboratory in Wuhan, China. He commented on the testimony Fauci provided in the Missouri v. Biden lawsuit, where the government was alleged to have conspired with Big Tech to suppress speech, including discussions about the potential Wuhan lab origin of COVID-19.

“The current consensus points to the Wuhan lab as the most probable site of the virus’s origin,” Schmitt expressed on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “The explosive claim now suggests that Patient Zero was a lab worker, and Senator [Rand] Paul and I have penned a letter to the State Department seeking clarity on this matter.

“We’ve been aware that Anthony Fauci, through the EcoHealth Alliance, is an advocate for risky gain-of-function research. This practice was abandoned domestically in 2014.

“Fauci cleverly funneled funds towards gain-of-function research, specifically in Wuhan’s lab in China. When the virus surfaced in late 2019… he was aware of what transpired, but led the American public to believe otherwise. All this is being exposed now,” Schmitt went on.

“I, among others, have been discussing this for years. The truth is gradually coming to light, and it’s crucial that we prevent such an occurrence in the future,” concluded Schmitt.