Biden Declines to Engage in Age Controversy

Many of President Joe Biden’s advocates, including those in his party, are showing concern over his hesitation to directly tackle questions surrounding his age as he pursues another term in office.

Set to turn 82 shortly after the upcoming presidential election, Biden hasn’t actively engaged with what many believe to be a significant hurdle in his campaign, according to recent sources.

Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., believes transparency is key. “Addressing concerns openly is essential. However, addressing his age will undoubtedly be a challenge,” Tester mentioned.

Several Democrats, while campaigning for their respective posts, often hear from their constituents about Biden’s capacity to perform presidential duties.

Western Michigan’s Rep. Hillary Scholten, who supports Biden, stated, “A transparent primary in the presidential race could yield positive results.” Scholten emphasized the importance of addressing public concerns about the president’s perception, suggesting, “More voices should join the dialogue. Ignoring discussions about Biden’s age paints us as disconnected and apprehensive.”

Reports indicate that Biden’s approach to his age has been minimal, with him occasionally alluding to the wisdom that comes with age during some gatherings.

Rather than this, the president’s attention seems more centered on endorsing promotional content and scouting potential team members.

Jonathan Martin, a political analyst, mentioned, “While Biden cannot halt the passage of time, he needs to actively address it. Merely responding with ‘observe my actions’ when quizzed about his age isn’t enough, as this is a primary concern for many regarding his campaign.”

Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., might consider challenging Biden, but as of now, few seem ready to contest the president in the Democratic Party presidential primary, leaving no one to truly question his readiness for the role.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., feels it’s essential to tackle this concern head-on.

A poll involving swing voters from North Carolina revealed that the initial words associated with Biden were often linked to age, like “elderly” or “slowing”, and in more critical cases, terms such as “dementia” or “fragile” were used.