Biden Reveals The Truth About Xi

Congressman Randy Weber, a Republican from Texas, expressed a little surprise at President Joe Biden’s candid remarks about Chinese President Xi Jinping during Biden’s recent San Francisco visit. On Wednesday, Biden characterized Xi as a dictator leading a communist nation, a system vastly different from the democratic governance of the United States.

Weber commented on Biden’s rare moment of clarity. He sarcastically noted Biden’s occasional ability to make coherent statements, highlighting that Biden inadvertently spoke the truth about Xi, who Weber believes has one of the most troubling human rights records globally.

Weber critiqued the U.S. administration for inviting Xi to the U.S., mocking the cleanup efforts in San Francisco to make the city presentable for the Chinese leader’s visit. He expressed disbelief at the Biden administration’s naivety, particularly in light of reports suggesting China might offer new panda bears to the U.S.

Local business owners and residents in San Francisco were critical of the city’s cleanup efforts preceding the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. They argued that the measures to remove homeless individuals and drug addicts from downtown areas were merely temporary fixes.

The cleanup focused on seven intersections in the Tenderloin and South of Market neighborhoods, notorious for homeless encampments and widespread drug use. South of Market resident and community activist Ricci Lee Wynne told the New York Post about increased police presence and the removal of tents, suggesting the city had always had the capability to address these issues but chose to act minimally.

In response to Biden’s remarks, the Chinese foreign ministry rebuked the president’s language as extremely incorrect and irresponsible political manipulation. Mao Ning, a spokesperson for the ministry, asserted during a press briefing that such comments would not hinder the relationship between China and the U.S., despite attempts by some to create discord between the two nations.