N.Y. AG James to Call Trump, 3 Kids to Testify

New York’s top legal official, Letitia James, who initiated legal proceedings against Donald Trump and his enterprise on allegations of fraud, intends to summon the ex-president and three of his elder children to provide testimony during the civil court proceedings, as per sources like CNBC.

Last year, James brought legal action against Trump, his business empire, senior executives, and related parties, accusing them of a prolonged period of monetary deception to secure numerous financial advantages.

The legal showdown is slated to commence in New York shortly.

The witness roster presented by James encompasses 28 individuals, featuring names like Trump himself, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump.

Key figures such as Michael Cohen, previously Trump’s attorney, and Allen Weisselberg, who once held the CFO position at the Trump Organization, are expected to be called upon to bear witness.

In a significant revelation on Tuesday, New York’s Judge Arthur Engoron pronounced that Trump and his corporate entity had misleadingly boosted the valuation of his real estate holdings and various other resources. This declaration represents a substantial setback for Trump, potentially limiting his commercial pursuits within the state.

This pivotal judgment paves the way for James to quantify damages during the trial set for Oct. 2.

In response, Engoron mandated the revocation of several of Trump’s business permits, imposing challenges for them to continue operations in New York. Additionally, the judge confirmed the ongoing supervision of Trump Organization activities by an autonomous auditor.

Barring a successful appeal, this directive could deprive Trump of the power to dictate both strategic and fiscal matters concerning some prime assets within the state.

Trump vocally criticized the verdict, labeling it as contrary to American values and insinuating it to be part of a scheme against his potential political comeback.

On his platform, Truth Social, he exclaimed: “My Civil rights have been infringed upon. An Appellate Court, be it federal or state, needs to overturn this distressing and un-American ruling.” He maintained that his enterprise had immensely benefited New York and operated flawlessly, commenting it as “A disheartening day for the Judicial System of New York State!”