Biden’s Half Billion Dollar Support for Hamas

Texas Republican Representative Ronny Jackson highlighted allegations concerning the Biden administration’s financial ties with Hamas. According to Jackson, there’s evidence to suggest that the Biden administration has been financially supporting Hamas for a significant period. This assertion is expected to gain more clarity following the directive from U.S. District Court Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk, who has sanctioned the release of more relevant evidence.

Shortly after President Joe Biden took office, he allegedly restarted financial contributions to the Palestinian Authority (PA), Jackson conveyed during his discussion on “Eric Bolling The Balance.” It’s worth noting that the PA is known to allocate funds to the families of Palestinian individuals who have been killed during confrontations with Israel. Elaborating on this, Jackson mentioned that an approximate sum of half a billion dollars was transferred to them under Biden’s watch.

During the same discussion, Jackson shared that he had recently achieved a significant victory in his legal case titled “Jackson v. Joe Biden.” This victory implies that he has been granted personal “discovery rights” pertaining to the matter. Consequently, the State Department, along with the Biden administration, is now mandated to release all pertinent records. Jackson is determined to demonstrate to the American public that the administration has been financially bolstering Hamas and indirectly supporting disruptive activities in Israel.

It’s essential to mention that Jackson’s legal representation was provided by the America First Legal counsel. Their lawsuit against President Biden was rooted in the claim that he violated the Taylor Force Act. This legislation, introduced and sanctioned by former President Donald Trump, explicitly prohibits any U.S. taxpayer funds from being directed towards the Palestinian Authority.