Biden Blames Republicans for Potential Govt Shutdown

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden held House Republicans accountable for the potential government shutdown that looms ahead.

Biden shared his thoughts in a video on platform X, explaining, “We might witness a government shutdown in a week’s time if the House Republicans don’t step up. It’s bewildering why we’re even facing this situation.”

Recalling past negotiations, Biden said, “A few months back, after intensive talks with the Republican House speaker, we settled on government spending levels. This would cater to crucial domestic and national security needs and reduce the deficit by over $1 trillion in the next ten years. Yet, a segment of hardline House Republicans are now opposing this very deal, aiming to close down the government. Their stance is perplexing.”

Biden didn’t mince words when pointing out the House Republicans’ role in this situation. He emphasized his willingness to contribute, but remarked that the House Republicans seemed unyielding. He said, “They seem unwilling to challenge the hardliners in their ranks, putting the entire nation at potential risk.”

Highlighting the grave repercussions, Biden stressed, “If a shutdown occurs, our active military personnel will continue serving without pay. This is even more unsettling when considering how Senate Republicans have not addressed one of their senators stalling military promotions.”

Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama has been obstructing military promotions due to a Pentagon policy that provides paid leave for service members and their families to undergo abortions, including travel expenses related to it.

Labeling the government funding as Congress’s fundamental duty, Biden ended his video with an appeal to the House Republicans. “It’s high time the House Republicans meet the expectations of their elected roles,” urged Biden. “We still have a window of opportunity.”

However, Biden’s portrayal of Republicans as solely responsible is contrasted by a recent Morning Consult poll. It suggests that 46% of registered voters believe both parties are to blame for the imminent shutdown.

Interestingly, only 20% thought the deadlock resulted from Republican disputes, while 11% attributed it to Democratic disagreements. When segmented, 60% of Republicans, 44% of independents, and 36% of Democrats felt that both parties’ inability to find common ground could trigger the shutdown.