McCarthy’s Lawyer Acts Against Anti-Gaetz Campaign

Legal representatives for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., recently issued a cease-and-desist communication to a conservative online personality, who allegedly stated that he received compensation to push content opposing Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and a potential government closure, as per information from Politico.

On Tuesday evening, the legal advisory team for McCarthy reached out with the said directive to a representative from Notorious LLC. This firm identifies itself as an international content creation and networking entity.

This communication explicitly ordered the involved person to refrain from insinuating any association with McCarthy. Elliot S. Berke, from the law firm Berke Farah LLP, penned, “Multiple sources have indicated that you’ve contacted digital personalities regarding an ‘Against Gaetz and government shutdown’ initiative, falsely attributing it to Speaker McCarthy or related entities. This is misleading and against the law,” as conveyed by Politico.

Berke’s notice sternly advised the individual to desist from these actions; otherwise, they would pursue every legal avenue, including seeking damages if necessary.

Earlier, Gaetz had disseminated and voiced his objections over content on platform X, asserting that someone close to McCarthy had propositioned the influencer to circulate content against him and the impending government shutdown. Gaetz subsequently labeled McCarthy as “lamentable” on the same platform.

However, representatives from McCarthy’s camp clarified that they had no affiliations with the mentioned account, as noted by Politico.

The potential of a government shutdown is imminent this Saturday if Congress doesn’t finalize a budget for the fiscal year 2024.

In response, McCarthy has suggested an interim continuing resolution (CR) to avail provisional funding and allow additional discussions among the legislators.

On the other hand, Gaetz, known for his disagreements with the speaker, alongside other stringent conservatives, has declined the CR. Instead, they are advocating for budget bills that cut overall expenditures and either limit or completely exclude aid to Ukraine. Additionally, they aim to tackle the migration issues at the southern boundary and address particular policies at the Pentagon.

Adding fuel to the fire, Gaetz has also hinted at initiating a motion that might culminate in McCarthy’s ousting from the speaker’s position.