Trump Won’t Rule Out Speakership: ‘I Would Do It’

Former President Donald Trump indicated his primary goal is a presidential run, but he didn’t dismiss the possibility of becoming the GOP speaker of the House.

Speaking to the media prior to entering the courtroom on the third day of his $250 million civil trial, Trump remarked, “I’ve received numerous inquiries regarding the speaker role,” He went on to say, “Our priority is the nation’s welfare and the Republican Party’s interests. We are blessed with many talented individuals.”

While journalists highlighted Trump’s lack of denial about potentially taking up the role of speaker, he clarified, “Numerous individuals have approached me about the role. At the moment, my complete attention is on the presidential race.”

Though House regulations do allow for a non-member to take up the speaker’s role, this hasn’t occurred in the past. Trump emphasized his intention to support the GOP, especially considering the current vacancy. “If my assistance is needed during the selection process, I’m here. The Republican Party isn’t short of skilled individuals capable of excelling as speaker.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., along with other Trump supporters in the House, have suggested Trump for the role. Responding to this, Trump said, “Rep. Greene is an admirable individual,” and emphasized she isn’t the only one urging him to take up the mantle. 

Concluding his interaction before entering the courtroom, Trump expressed his primary goal is to restore America’s greatness, referring to concerns he frequently addresses at his rallies. He commented on the state of the nation, mentioning rising interest rates, increasing taxes, and the escalating energy prices. Referring to the situation in Afghanistan, he called it one of the nation’s most regrettable episodes. 

Reiterating his intent, Trump said, “My primary objective is the presidency. My lead in the polls is substantial. However, if there’s an opportunity to assist in the capacity of a speaker, I’m open to it. My current lead over Biden also reflects my standing. If it weren’t the case, I wouldn’t be facing trials of this nature.”