Serbian President: Trump Officials Showed Their Dedication

In a recent interview, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić had warm words for the past engagement strategies of the Trump administration toward Serbia. When questioned about the possibility of the Serbian public supporting a future Trump-led administration, Vučić highlighted the former administration’s consistent dialogue and engagement.

“Officials from the Trump era were engaging in near-daily conversations with Serbian representatives, sometimes lasting up to three hours,” Vučić stated. “Their level of commitment and willingness to work with us, irrespective of whether we agreed on all issues or not, was something we truly appreciated. It’s an experience that has left a lasting impression on me.”

In the same conversation, Vučić expressed concerns about the current state of relations between Serbia and Kosovo. He urged both the United States and the European Union to act to mitigate escalating tensions. The European Union had previously called for both nations to uphold an agreement aimed at normalizing relations, especially after talks between the countries’ leaders concluded without any agreement.

“We are currently engaged in negotiations supervised by the EU. However, I have increasing concerns about provocative actions initiated by [Kosovo Prime Minister Albin] Kurti,” Vučić noted. “These actions seem to be calculated to agitate the Serbian community, and I am uncertain as to his motives. I fear that without intervention, these provoking actions will continue unabated, and I call on the international community to act.”

Vučić’s comments illustrate a complex blend of gratitude for past U.S. diplomatic efforts and concern for the current relations with Kosovo, highlighting the evolving dynamics of the Balkan region.