Trump Still Pushing to Delay Classified Docs Trial

Ex-President Donald Trump has once again requested a postponement of his classified documents trial in Florida, which special counsel Jack Smith is pursuing.

This latest plea for postponement of the trial, scheduled for May 2024, follows the prosecutor’s request to the court to dismiss Trump’s appeal for a delay.

Citing an overwhelming schedule, Trump’s legal representatives maintain that the former president is at a disadvantage due to multiple indictments, ongoing trials, and the looming 2024 presidential race, as per a recent Axios article.

The Wednesday submission alleged that Smith’s team gave a misleading impression earlier in the summer by suggesting the demanding timetable they had asked for was feasible.

Furthermore, Trump’s legal team contends that Smith’s prosecutors have not provided all the necessary evidence for examination, missing nine documents that Trump allegedly kept unlawfully.

Adding to the complexity, the prosecutors recently released a set of papers that significantly increased the amount of classified material in the case. Yet, they still haven’t shared certain non-classified correspondence between agents, as highlighted by Axios.

Trump’s renewed request for postponement came in the wake of Smith’s motion opposing any delay in the Florida trial. Smith asserted there’s “no basis” for a delay as the court had already set the trial date for the upcoming May.

Smith emphasized in a filing on Monday, “The points mentioned in the defense’s motion don’t justify the extension they’re seeking.”

The trial was originally set to commence on May 20. In a related note, another case led by Smith in Washington, D.C., is scheduled for March 4.