‘Universal Deal’ for Hunter Biden Unlikely

During a conversation with Newsmax on Friday, Judge Andrew Napolitano suggested that it’s unlikely Hunter Biden will secure a “universal deal that would conclude all the prosecutions he faces,” particularly after his prior agreement was dismissed by a judge earlier this week.

Speaking on “Wake Up America” Friday, Napolitano outlined the next steps, stating, “What’s on the cards next? Both his attorneys and the government’s legal team will have to start from ground zero. The government’s legal team will highlight every possible case they could lodge against him, and they’ll strive to find a deal, a universal one, that would terminate all prosecutions he’s currently facing.”

Continuing his analysis, Napolitano expressed doubt, saying, “Is that a possibility? I remain skeptical. This skepticism stems from the dialogues that took place in the courtroom recently when the defense attorney expressed surprise over the government possessing additional evidence and more cases.”

Napolitano further opined that House Republicans probing Hunter Biden’s affairs should redirect their evidence from the presiding judge to the prosecutor, stating, “I believe they are aware of this.”

The judge also touched upon the conditions imposed on Hunter Biden, which entail abstaining from alcohol or drugs and actively seeking work.

Reflecting on queries about whether Biden’s painting counts as a job, Napolitano remarked, “A job is described as some productive labor that earns you payment. I’m not certain if he’s getting paid for this.”

He further stated, “That said, there is a federal framework for bail, which demands that you refrain from consuming alcohol, using drugs, breaking the law, working productively, and reporting to a probation officer. Hence, these stipulations were not exclusively made for him, but are incorporated in the federal guidelines. As for how stringently these will be enforced? I genuinely … cannot predict.”