Trump Slams Govt with ‘Vicious Lies’ Claim in Trial

Former President Donald Trump, speaking outside the Manhattan courthouse during the ongoing civil fraud trial against him, vehemently accused New York Attorney General Letitia James’ government of employing “vicious lies” in connection with the case.

He asserted that, had he still been in office, the recent attacks on Israel and Ukraine would have been prevented. Trump expressed frustration at the Attorney General’s involvement, stating, “While violent crimes are plaguing the streets of New York, the Attorney General is spending her entire day inside this courtroom. New York has become an unattractive place for businesses. They are applying an obscure statute against me, which has never been utilized in such a manner before. Any company contemplating a move to New York should think twice, as this trial appears to be a setup, a rigged affair.”

The trial against the Trump Organization, now in its third week, centers on allegations that Trump and his company inflated property and asset values to secure more favorable bank loan terms.

Trump, discontented with the absence of a jury and the conduct of Judge Arthur Engoron, described the proceedings as lacking in fairness, asserting, “We have no rights whatsoever in this case. We have a strong case with substantial evidence on our side, while they have nothing. This trial should never have occurred. It’s a disgrace to our nation, New York, and the state.”

Trump also remarked that the banks involved seemed content with the trial’s progress. He decided to forgo attending a golf tournament at the Trump National Doral Golf Club in Miami, choosing to remain in court for the trial, although his presence was not obligatory.

Turning his attention to international affairs, Trump asserted that, had he been in office, Israel would not have faced the recent attacks. He indicated a possible visit to Israel but emphasized his stance on letting the concerned parties resolve their issues.

Regarding Ukraine, Trump maintained that it would not have been attacked had he remained in office. He expressed his concern about the global situation, calling it chaotic and lamenting the tragic events in Israel. He also claimed that even Democrats acknowledge the difference his presidency would have made in these situations.