Biden’s Biggest Political Scandal?

The controversy surrounding the Biden administration has increasingly been seen as a concealed operation within the U.S. government. Despite only a fraction of Americans being aware of this due to the preferential treatment of left-leaning media, the urgency to prevent former President Donald Trump from returning to office and exposing these issues is palpable, as highlighted by Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., in a Newsmax interview.

Biggs underscored the gravity of the situation, referring to it as “the most substantial political scandal in the country’s history,” with an inherent part of the controversy being the inability of those assigned to probe it to do so fully. He pointed out the conspicuous disparity in the rigorous investigations into alleged corruption involving Trump and his family, despite the lack of evidence, while much more substantial evidence against Biden has been largely overlooked by the media. This has resulted in possibly half the nation being uninformed of the scandal.

According to Biggs, conservative commentators have consistently pointed out the Democrats’ tendency to accuse Republicans of wrongdoings they themselves have committed. This pattern appears to be becoming more pronounced, much to his dismay. He expressed his concerns about the left’s relentless pursuit to prevent Trump’s potential re-election and their apparent intent to have him incarcerated for life.

Biggs emphasized the alarming precedent this sets, with the Department of Justice being exploited for political gain and a special counsel being assigned to prosecute and potentially imprison a political adversary. Such tactics are unprecedented in American politics and pose a significant threat to democratic values.

Biggs also referred to the Obama administration’s attempts to sabotage Trump’s 2016 campaign, with then Vice President Biden endorsing the unprecedented application of the Logan Act. Once in power and grappling with the fallout of the Russia investigation initiated by the Obama-Biden administration, Trump unearthed legitimate corruption tied to the Bidens, which is now being examined by the Republican-led House.

Biggs also warned of the damaging effect on public trust in national institutions caused by these actions. He stated that such institutions should uphold American rights, not exploit them for political purposes. Furthermore, he insisted that this scandal has deep roots leading to Joe Biden.

Biggs also mentioned the potential impeachment of Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland — who was blocked from the Supreme Court following Trump’s 2016 victory — due to allegations of stifling investigations into the Bidens. He believes this could signal the impending downfall of the Democrats’ anti-Trump campaign.

Biggs argued that the evidence points to Garland’s Department of Justice not maintaining its neutrality but instead actively pursuing a certain agenda. If these allegations prove accurate, he supports Garland’s impeachment. He condemned practices such as suppressing search warrants or notifying attorneys of investigation targets to allow them to conceal evidence, comparing these actions to those of an authoritarian regime and insisting they do not represent American values.