Trump: House Destroyed Jan. 6 Documents

Former President Donald Trump has criticized the Democrat-led Jan. 6 House Select Committee, alleging that they have “illegally” deleted records and documents. In a post on Truth Social on Tuesday evening, Trump levied these accusations amidst claims by the Biden administration of his own mishandling of classified files.

Trump stated on the platform, “In light of my complete Subpoena Power due to the indictment regarding Freedom of Speech by Joe Biden, Jack Smith, and the DOJ, it’s come to light that the January 6th Committee has allegedly eradicated their records and documents. This is deeply concerning, and the indictment against me should be retracted immediately. It’s evident that the system is skewed, reminiscent of the 2020 Presidential Election. Our country seems to be on a downturn.”

Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., the Oversight Subcommittee’s head on the Committee on House Administration, informed Fox News that the partisan January panel, previously led by Nancy Pelosi and composed of Democrats along with two Republicans critical of Trump, might not have adequately retained documents, including video testimonies.

Loudermilk shared an instance where a defense lawyer, seeking crucial video deposition data, reached out, only for the committee to find out they lacked the required videos.

Loudermilk also shed light on a team within the Jan. 6 subcommittee, termed the “Blue Team,” tasked with probing the Capitol’s security lapses. Sources indicated to Loudermilk that the committee shifted the Blue Team’s focus towards implicating Trump.

In recent events, Trump rejected charges alleging his involvement in a conspiracy intended to deceive the US populace by overturning the 2020 election results. Besides, Trump faces accusations in two other cases, including one concerning the mishandling of classified information post his presidential tenure.

On a related note, the office of special counsel Jack Smith highlighted a recent social media post from Trump, implying potential witness intimidation by potentially revealing confidential information. Despite these concerns, Trump has expressed his intention to speak about the ongoing cases, even as prosecutors seek to restrict the data available to him and his legal team.