Suspect’s Attack on Ex-Senator

Authorities recently detained a 25-year-old individual following an alleged attack on ex-Senator Martha McSally of Arizona. The incident occurred while McSally was out for a jog in the vicinity of Omaha, Nebraska.

The suspect, identified as Dominic M. Henton from Papillion, Nebraska, was apprehended early on a Friday morning close to an Omaha baseball stadium, a short distance from where the attack took place. Surveillance footage reportedly shows Henton trailing McSally over a footbridge and along a path. Initially spotted in a dark-colored tracksuit jacket and ski hat, Henton was later seen on camera without these items.

In a recent social media statement, McSally expressed her appreciation for the investigative efforts of the Council Bluffs Police Department. Addressing Henton directly, she declared her determination to ensure he faces consequences for his actions and emphasized her resolve to prevent further harm to other women.

McSally shared details of the attack in a video released on Wednesday. She recounted her immediate response, opting to confront her attacker by hurling her water bottle at him and pursuing him into a wooded area, where he was hiding when she contacted emergency services.

McSally, who served in the Air Force, has previously disclosed her experiences of sexual abuse as a teenager by a high school coach and a subsequent assault by a senior officer during her military service. She noted that the recent assault brought back memories of these past traumas. However, she affirmed that by actively confronting her attacker, she felt a sense of regaining control, a stark contrast to her previous experiences.