Trump Exposes This Major CNN ‘Fake News’ Bombshell

In a recent statement, ex-President Donald Trump dismissed a CNN article regarding potential witnesses in his documents case as “false information.” He blamed “obsessed prosecutor Jack Smith and his extensive team of Extreme Left Fanatics” for the alleged media leak.

Trump voiced his objections via a post on his Truth Social account, responding to CNN’s claims that employees at his Mar-a-Lago estate might be subpoenaed in his impending legal proceedings.

According to the network, staff members, such as a plumber and a housekeeper, might be summoned to provide insights into Trump’s handling of confidential national security documents post-presidency. Some of these employees are reportedly still working at Mar-a-Lago.

CNN suggested that these potential witnesses had observed activities at Mar-a-Lago that appeared irregular or suspicious.

Countering this, Trump retorted that it’s not unusual for papers and boxes to be seen at Mar-a-Lago, suggesting they could be items lawfully transported from the White House, in line with the Presidential Records Act. He mentioned cooperating with the authorities by providing security footage when requested. Trump questioned the newsworthiness of such reports, labeling them as “Breaking Fake News.”

Trump also pointed out similar situations involving Joe Biden, citing instances where documents and boxes were found at various locations linked to Biden, including his garage. He argued that Biden is not subject to the Presidential Records Act as he was not president at the time. Trump criticized the large sums of money allegedly spent by Jack Smith on investigations against him, comparing them to the lesser attention given to Biden’s cases.