Trump, Co-defendants to Be Booked at Notorious Atlanta Jail

Ex-President Donald Trump, along with 18 others implicated in alleged attempts to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election outcome, are scheduled to be processed at the infamous Atlanta detention center, often referred to as “Rice Street.”

All the mentioned defendants have been given a deadline of Aug. 25 to voluntarily report to this detention facility.

Only a month earlier, there were investigations initiated by the Department of Justice into the Fulton County Jail, following serious allegations which included reports of an inmate found deceased amidst insects and unsanitary conditions. Additionally, concerns were raised about the facility’s structural soundness, prevalent violence leading to significant injuries, fatalities, and potential misuse of power by the correctional staff.

A representative from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed, “In light of the directions from the district attorney’s office and overseeing judge, the anticipation is that all 19 individuals cited in the charges will undergo processing at the Rice Street Jail.” However, The New York Times mentioned that the Secret Service will have a say concerning Trump’s booking procedure.

Previously, when Trump surrendered post a 34-count charge in New York, related to confidential payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, he was granted certain exemptions, such as skipping handcuffing and mug shot procedures, as per the Times.

However, in light of the recent charges brought forth by Fulton County’s Democratic District Attorney Fani Willis, County Sheriff Patrick Labat intimated that Trump might undergo standard procedures like any other accused individual.

Labat stated, as cited by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Regardless of one’s stature, the usual protocols will be followed. Unless I am instructed otherwise, we’ll adhere to our regular procedures.”