Hamas Enduring Unseen Blows

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant emphasized the significant blows dealt to Hamas during the ongoing conflict, stating that the Israeli forces are making progress in their missions. Gallant reiterated that a ceasefire would only be considered upon the return of hostages, emphasizing the commitment to taking any necessary actions.

Gallant expressed concern for Israeli children in Gaza, highlighting the traumatic experiences some have witnessed. He stressed the relentless pursuit of bringing these children home, drawing a parallel to a father’s unwavering commitment to finding his own children. The defense minister urged the global community to consider the plight of these children as their own.

Earlier, the U.S. National Security Council announced that Israel had agreed to daily four-hour “humanitarian pauses” in its operations against Hamas in northern Gaza. Gallant provided details on the IDF’s presence in Gaza City, near Shati, Shifa Hospital, and the Gaza port. He conveyed that Hamas terrorists in Shifa Hospital’s basements were aware of the advancing Israeli forces.

Gallant disclosed the adoption of new strategies to target terrorists in attack tunnels and eliminate underground passageways, promising continued improvement. He affirmed the determination to reach those who have harmed Israeli citizens, emphasizing that no terrorist would be allowed to evade justice.

Shifting the focus to the north, Gallant addressed Hezbollah’s attempts to harm Israeli citizens. He assured preparedness in the northern arena, stating that the conflict was the most justified and righteous war since Israel’s establishment 75 years ago. Gallant framed the struggle as a fight against evil, with the enemy resorting to murder and brutality in an attempt to intimidate Israel.