Giuliani: Mug Shot Symbolizes ‘Chance to Fight for My Country’

On a recent episode of “Greg Kelly Reports” on Newsmax, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani discussed his recent arrest and the mug shot taken in Georgia, expressing it as “an opportunity to fight for my nation.”

Earlier that day, Giuliani had turned himself in at an Atlanta jail in connection to allegations of efforts to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential election. When presented with his mug shot, Giuliani remarked to Kelly, “This provides me the unique privilege to stand up for our nation, just as you’ve done both in service and through your platform.”

Giuliani further elaborated on his perspective of the events, emphasizing his deep understanding of the system and how, in his view, it had been manipulated. He described the situation as not just a personal ordeal but one that represents “an assault on our judicial system.”

Last week’s indictment by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and a grand jury implicated not only Giuliani but also former President Donald Trump and 17 others on felony charges.

From his office in New York, Giuliani reflected on his journey to Georgia, describing it as “a bleak day for both myself and the nation at large.”

Drawing attention to the broader scope of the indictment, he stated, “This isn’t solely about me. There are 18 others, all wrongly accused. Several of them, I’ve never even met. Yet, they are facing charges for challenging an election, despite the significant evidence I possess.”

He also referenced a report from the Georgia Senate, alleging discrepancies in the election process. Giuliani questioned, “Am I expected to overlook this evidence and simply accept a narrative driven by the ‘Biden supporters’?”

As for the next steps, Giuliani revealed plans to push for the case’s transition to federal jurisdiction. He said, “I’m confident about the transfer. My request will be submitted soon. Already, three other defendants have initiated this process.”

Concluding, he mentioned a recent conversation with the former president, hinting that they anticipate the case’s move to federal court, where they expect a fairer trial, potentially leading to a motion to dismiss the charges.