Texas Woman Charged for Threatening Trump Judge

A woman from Alvin, Texas, identified as Abigail Jo Shry, was taken into custody for purportedly issuing a death threat to the judge handling ex-President Donald Trump’s legal matter in Washington, D.C.

Court records reveal that on Aug. 5, Shry dialed the federal courthouse in Washington and left a menacing voicemail for U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is managing Trump’s election-related conspiracy case.

In her message, Shry is alleged to have used derogatory language, followed by a vow to eliminate anyone opposing Trump, including Washington’s Democrats and members of the LGBTQ community. The complaint further details how Shry menacingly warned Judge Chutkan and also threatened the lives of her family members. Additionally, she singled out Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, expressing a desire to end her life.

Upon investigation, authorities tracked the call back to Shry. When confronted, she acknowledged her actions but claimed she had no intentions of executing the threats. The court documents mention her stating that threats should only be taken seriously if Sheila Jackson Lee ventures to Alvin.

The charges against Shry include transmitting interstate threats aimed at causing harm, a grave offense carrying a potential five-year jail sentence.

Sam S. Sheldon, a Magistrate Judge, indicated in the detention order that this wasn’t Shry’s first run-in with the law regarding such threats. Over the past year, she faced similar charges four times, with at least two ending in convictions. Given this history, Shry was ruled to be detained without bond, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

At the time she threatened Judge Chutkan, Shry was out on bail for a separate charge related to making threats.

Judge Chutkan, who began her tenure in 2014 after being nominated by ex-President Barack Obama, was assigned to Trump’s case by special counsel Jack Smith on Aug. 1. The charges against Trump involve allegations of conspiracy to deceive the government and impede the certification of the 2020 electoral results.

Several Republicans have criticized Chutkan’s participation in the case, referencing her previous decisions related to Jan. 6 defendants and her financial support to the Obama campaign before her federal appointment.

Because of remarks from Trump and his associates accusing Chutkan of partiality and suggesting her withdrawal from the case, she now has augmented security.

Shry’s bond hearing is set for Sept. 13.