Former Rep. Mayra Flores: Stand Up for Border Patrol

Images of a wounded U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent have been circulated online by former Rep. Mayra Flores, R-Texas. 

“He’s currently stable and is recovering from this severe assault,” shared Flores, who gained attention as the spouse of a Border Patrol agent during her brief tenure in the House. “I’m awaiting more specifics, but I believe updates will be provided soon.”

Flores unveiled images of the officer who was reportedly assaulted by an individual linked to a cartel. This individual marked “rata” on the agent’s forehead, which translates to “rat” in English.

“We are witnessing a Border Patrol agent being attacked by someone from a cartel who entered our nation unlawfully,” Flores mentioned to the show’s host, Bianca de la Garza. “While I await more particulars, I believe additional information will emerge soon, as it seems to be an active investigation. Unfortunately, such incidents aren’t isolated. It’s one of many, yet there has been silence from the Biden administration on this.”

Flores criticized the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security, headed by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, for not only failing to protect the Border Patrol agents but also for limiting their ability to enforce border security — sometimes endangering their lives.

“We must support our Border Patrol agents. They are committed to upholding the law, but they face restrictions from the current administration,” Flores emphasized. “The rising number of agents feeling distraught to the point of self-harm is tragic and deeply concerning. As the wife of a Border Patrol agent, I live with this worry daily. It’s essential for me to voice support for all agents.”

Border Patrol agents play a crucial role, ensuring the safety of American citizens and protecting vulnerable migrants from harm.

“The issue of child trafficking is alarmingly high,” added Flores. “I’m deeply worried about the minors entering the U.S., as many face abuse during their perilous journey. Despite these risks, current policies seem to indirectly promote illegal crossings. Women, too, face significant dangers. It’s vital to recognize the importance of border security — it not only safeguards Americans but also provides protection for migrants.”