Trump: Netanyahu Was Not Prepared for Hamas Attack

On Wednesday, ex-President Donald Trump expressed his disappointment with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, pointing out perceived inadequacies in readiness for a recent assault by Hamas, leading to the tragic loss of over 1,000 Israeli lives.

Trump, currently leading the race for the GOP’s 2024 presidential ticket, voiced his concerns, stating, “Netanyahu faced severe setbacks from the attack. The preparedness was lacking on both his and Israel’s part. Had it been during my administration, such preparations would have been unnecessary.”

As Israel grapples with the aftermath of one of its most catastrophic attacks, they’ve responded with aerial offensives on Gaza, resulting in a comparable number of Palestinian casualties.

In response to Trump’s remarks, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, another Republican presidential hopeful, took to social media to challenge Trump’s timing and stance. DeSantis posted, “It’s unthinkable for anyone, especially a presidential candidate, to criticize our steadfast ally, Israel, at this moment.”

The alliance between Trump and Netanyahu was notably strong during Trump’s presidency. However, recent events hint at possible strains in their camaraderie.

Later, at a gathering in Florida, Trump reiterated his sentiments regarding Israel’s security measures, referencing “several oversights in the past week.” He further cautioned Israel, highlighting the looming threat from “a formidable adversary, possibly even Iran.”