US Warning Shocks Israel

Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, issued a stark warning during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” this past Sunday, suggesting that the increasing antisemitic sentiment, heightened by the recent conflict initiated by Hamas against Israeli citizens, could potentially lead to a terror attack targeting Jewish communities in the United States.

“There is a looming crisis on the horizon,” Erdan stated. “We are potentially on the verge of seeing a heinous act of terror against Jewish individuals within the U.S.”

Describing the current climate as alarming, Erdan detailed instances of intimidation facing Jewish individuals across the U.S., “Chants calling for the demise of Israel and its people are ringing out. Jewish students face threats on university grounds, targeted not only by peers but also by some faculty members, while university leaders remain silent on the terror assaults.”

Erdan called for immediate and decisive action: “The time for mere condemnation has passed. Actions are needed—antisemitic students should face expulsion, faculty members displaying antisemitism should be dismissed, and police must be involved in investigating harassment cases against Jewish students. The status quo is utterly indefensible.”

On Israel’s military strategy, Erdan affirmed that Israel goes to great lengths to reduce civilian harm in its defensive measures against Hamas in Gaza. He argued that Hamas bears sole responsibility for civilian losses, citing their strategy of embedding military assets within civilian infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and residential areas.

Ambassador Erdan also conveyed a broader concern: “Succumbing to the tactics of Hamas would represent a defeat for civilized societies everywhere, emboldening terrorist groups globally and undermining democratic values. It’s crucial that these methodologies are not tolerated, or else our capacity to counteract terrorism is severely compromised.”